About Us

Based in France’s innovation hub Sophia Antipolis, BlackBoxSecu® provides security solutions against phone tapping and eavesdropping for audio communication systems (smart phones, fixed lines, VoIP and radios).

BlackBoxSecu develops its encrypted voice military grade products in order to fight against snooping and industrial secrets and data leakage.

BlackBoxSecu’s response is positioned as the reference for private and professional security solution for large companies, governments, executives, lawyers, and VIPs.

With the growing insecurity and the need to protect our private lives, BlackBoxSecu offers both ease of use and cryptography technologies efficiency to ensure confidentiality of communications for sensitive or strategic information (professional or personal).

The company has been awarded the Innovation Award of Special Forces SOFINS 2017, Trophées de la Sécurité 2017 (Bronze medal) in France and has been selected by Village by CA (Crédit Agricole) for startup programs acceleration.