BlackBoxSecu offers its expertise in Audio Systems, IoT and  2G/3G/4G/5G mobile communication.

We propose services that can be customized and flexible to meet your particular needs:

Embedded Software Development:

  • Firmware development in C language on microcontrollers,
  • Application development on ARM processors,
  • Drivers development in C language (cryptography),
  • Development of a graphical interface (GUI),
  • Software architecture of embedded systems,
  • Know-how in the field of signal processing, speech processing, audio, embedded systems, etc.

Test and Measurement:

  • LabVIEW (certification CLD), LabVIEW RT, LabVIEW FPGA, LabWindows/CVI, TestStand,
  • Sensors, conditioners,
  • Acquisition cards,
  • Bus RS/GPIB/CAN/ARINC/Ethernet (protocoles TCP/IP et UDP),
  • PXI/cDAQ/cRIO/sbRIO systems,
  • Interoperability Field Test and Trials,
  • Carrier network certifications,

Project /Program Management:

  • Complex project, program and product management,
  • Managing international teams,
  • Wireless certifications, IoT, 3GPP, Field Test, Operator certifications, broadband chipset certifications,
  • Project management and validation of 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G systems, etc.

Technical environment:

Systems: Windows, Linux, VxWorks,
Languages: C, C++, Assembler,
Tools: Eclipse, Visual Studio, SlickEdit, NetBeans, Bugzilla, Redmine, Jira, proprietary tools (simulation, emulation, etc.)
Methods: V-cycle, UML, design pattern,
Configuration Management: Perforce, ClearCase, Git,
Test tools: Trace32, Lauterbach, Gdb, Wireshark, Gcov, Valgrind,
Networks / Protocols: 3GPP, TCP/IP,
ARM Architecture :

  • Bare-metal, RTOS,  embedded Linux (u-boot, kernel, user space),
  • Languages C/C++,
  • Scripts bash,
  • Cross-Compilation, cMake, Makefile, gcc, gdb,
  • Configuration Management (Git),