Expert panel discussion about “Cybersecurity & Mobility: Issues, Risks and Solutions”

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BlackBoxSecu has been invited to participate in an expert panel discussion about “Cybersecurity & Mobility: Issues, Risks and Solutions”

The conference was organized by VIVACTION on July, 5th 2017 in Marseille (France) with the participation of Business FranceSCS ClusterMEDEF InternationalClusir PACA, and support of BPI PACA, MOCI, France-Canada Chamber of Commerce.

Vivaction is a French Licensed independent operator founded in 1995, offering a full range of innovative telecom services to enterprises, so an award winning SQUAREWAY solution to protect mobile phone communications with a software application.

The objective of the panel discussion was to:
– Increase awareness about the challenges and risks associated with protecting strategic information of the company,
– Analyze the latest trends and current events in the areas of mobility and cybersecurity,
– Facilitate meetings between companies, international professionals and experts in cybersecurity and mobility,
– Sustain and enhance the proximity with partners.

BlackBoxSecu presented its view on the Mobility & Cybersecurity, and particularly the risks and threats to privet companies related to mobile phones of their workers. Among different aspects, Kris BARCEWICZ (CEO of BlackBoxSecu) talked about the most popular methods of mobile phone attacks:
–  Spyware installed “manually” on the target phone,
–  Spyware installed through Wi-Fi, NFC or Bluetooth,
–  Interception of call while using Bluetooth (“Bluetooth bugging“),
–  Interception of GSM/3G wireless communication over the air (“IMSI catcher”),
– Hacking a core network of operator (ex. SS7 signaling vulnerability) by a hacker or …an accomplice inside the mobile operator.

BlackBoxsecu’s presentation was concluded with a demo of a mobile phone (Android OS) that was compromised and then eavesdropped in real-time condition through a malware installed on the device. We also showed how the BlackBoxSecu’s solution counteracts and protects voice communication in such a scenario.

Many thanks for organizing this event and your invitation.