Press Release: BlackBoxSecu at SOFINS 2017

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March 27,2017

BlackBoxSecu will exhibit voice communication security solutions at this year’s SOFINS (Special Operations Forces Innovation Networks Seminar) in Souge Camp – Bordeaux (stand dedicated for The Cercle de l’Arbalète and startups).

The Special Operation Forces seminar gather more than 170 exhibitors and several thousand visitors from different countries, so national Special Operations Forces and Special Units.

One of the goal of SOFINS is to strengthen and develop the ties between the Special Forces, VSEs, SMEs and large innovative business groups.

BlackBoxSecu solution allows senior officials, political and economic leaders as well as military units, special forces to communicate in secure way via their radio systems, mobile, landline and Internet using BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) model.

BlackBoxSecu is a young innovative company that offers solutions in the field of cybersecurity. Our firm offers a clear answer to the problems associated with the lack of security in voice communications. Our technology, which is both powerful, universal and easy to use, aims to ensure confidentiality and the safe exchange of sensitive information (strategic, personal …). Our cutting-edge product is based on a stand-alone box. It can be used independently of any transmission mediums (mobile or fixed telephone, computer, radio, satellite, etc.).

Please come and visit our showroom and see our equipment in demonstration.

For additional information on the company please visit:

BlackBoxSecu S.A.S
Business Pole A, 1047 route des Dolines,
06560 Sophia-Antipolis – France
Phone: +33 4 89 70 40 20