Headphone CBOX Mobile Premium


  • Provides ‘end-to-end’ high-grade encryption for standard 3G and 4G voice communication (*)
  • ‘End-to-end’ high-grade encryption for standard “FaceTime” native iPhone integrated application for voice communication, Signal or WhatsApp over internet (Wifi, 3G / 4G / 5G  data)
  • Adapted to iPhone7 phones (**)
  • ‘End-to-end’ high-grade encryption for voice communication over VoIP network (fixed-line) (***)
  • Compatible with most of the fixed-line VoIP phones (CISCO CP-78xx & CP-88xx series recommended) and networks (***)
  • Easy to use -“plug-and-play” without any software installation
  • Provides ‘end-to-end’ high-grade encryption for voice communication
  • Represents the state-of-the-art combined software and hardware solution
  • Protected against physical or remote attacks
  • Can be used with any other CBOX device
  • Ensures the highest confidentiality – no servers or remote key storing
  • Has no backdoor in the system
  • Half-duplex communication
  • Generates ephemeral keys for every new call
  • Can be used with any other CBOX device or Headphone CBOX device

Attention ! At least two devices are required in the system to be functional.


(*)(*) The system currently supports neither  international calls nor roaming service for 3G/4G voice calls  (must be used within the same country and local SIM cards). For international calls using  FaceTime, WhatsApp or Signal is suggested
(**) Other phone models (ex. Android-based)  might work, but Blackboxsecu cannot ensure compatibility with all of them
(***) Supported networks/phones with the following voice codecs: G711a/u; G722;G729; G729a; iLBC; G726-24,32,40; Silk (@8kHz with rate >= 10kbps, @16kHz with rate >= 15kbps) 



Secure your phone calls on mobiles! Today you could be facing multiple risks of “invisible” malware on mobile phones, IMSI catchers or just operator interceptions. It is safer to talk on a mobile phone with end-to-end encryption. However, even apps like WhatsApp, Telegram or Silent do not guarantee absolute confidentiality following the latest flaws in Android and iOS systems!

HEADPHONE CBOX Mobile Premium is the first hardware solution fully designed mobile 3G/4G standard calls. It secures all phone calls from end-to-end directly from the mouth to the ear. The solution provides both an advanced adaptive voice communication method and a high level of encryption.

BLACKBOXSECU’s HEADPHONE CBOX Mobile Premium enables organizations and professionals to protect themselves from illegal eavesdropping and conversations being spied on, the threat of which is constantly growing. Having military-level of encryption (256-bit symmetric keys), our plug & play solution was adapted for iPhone 7 phones. The system does not use servers in communication (point-to-point communication), and does not store encryption keys unlike any existing solution on the market today!

You have 100% control over the confidentiality of your conversation!






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Weight 180 g

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